Skoolbo UK


Skoolbo UK is a great new site to help children with literacy and numeracy. Children are immersed in an incredible learning world and become highly motivated by the inbuilt rewards mechanisms designed to encourage healthy use and to maximise learning.

Your child has been provided with an account connected to their class and schoolmates that grants full free use of the program both at home and school. There is no advertising on Skoolbo and there are no in-app purchases. Children are not able to communicate on Skoolbo and there is no possibility of unsafe interactions. If your child has set up a unique username of their own at home this will remain unconnected from the school classes and any points acquired with not appear on the school leaderboards.

You can access Skoolbo on each of these platforms for free.

iPad iOS App

Mac Desktop Download

Windows Desktop Download

Windows Store App

Android Store App

Online via the Skoolbo UK website



When logging in at home, remember it is Skoolbo UK which must be downloaded, rather than Skoolbo USA or Australia. Children can use the school code 554BU to login to their Ashley Road account. They should remember their password colour and animal, which they were provided in school. If logging in through the website, the child will need their unique username which their class teachers are able to provide. Their password remains the same.

Tips for Maximum Benefit

  • Don’t let other children (or adults) play on your child’s account. Skoolbo uses a smart algorithm that determines the most appropriate learning activities specifically for your child based on his or her recent performance. Other users could affect the level of activity presented to your child.
  • Celebrate your child’s successes. Examples include 1,000 Correct Answer milestones and other improvement awards.
  • Refer to the Parent Guide available below for additional tips and instructions.

Download (PDF, Unknown)