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Ashley Road School UniforM

We expect pupils to be neatly dressed at all times.  There is a school uniform and we actively encourage pupils to wear it. Good quality red sweatshirts, printed with the school logo, and white polo shirts similarly printed, can be obtained at reasonable cost from the school.  We also sell school fleeces, woollen hats and waterproof jackets. The PTA sell these in school on the first Monday of each month (at 2.45 pm).  If you need to order at other times, you can put your order form into school and the PTA will process your order and put the items to your child’s class.

We have chosen a simple uniform that is readily available at any main store, apart from items with the school badge:

Boys:   grey or black trousers / shorts            Girls:   grey or black skirt / pinafore /trousers

            white polo shirt / shirt                                     white polo shirt / blouse

            red school sweatshirt / jumper                         red school sweatshirt / jumper / cardigan

            black shoes                                                    black shoes

                                                                                 optional – red and white checked dress

An old shirt or painting smock is required for art and craft work.

All school clothing should be clearly labelled with the child’s name. In the interests of safety, particularly on our stone stairs, sensible shoes should be worn. ‘School’ shoes are recommended. It is the policy of the school to discourage the wearing of decorative jewellery. On safety grounds, hooped or dangling ear-rings should not be worn. If jewellery of any value is worn the school cannot accept responsibility for its loss.  We would also ask parents to support us in discouraging the wearing of clothing with fashion labels or distinctive logos, such as football strips or designer trainers. 

Some families may be entitled to a school clothing grant. For more information please ask at the school office.

PE Kit

Gym kit, consisting of black gym shorts , white T-shirt and gym shoes, is required for P.E.

Please see order forms below.  These should be handed into the school office with payment.

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